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The Amenities Specialist

In today’s expectation economy, guests want more: superior treatment, an unforgettable service experience and high-quality toiletries and amenities products to enhance a luxury environment.

Luxury is becoming an everyday commodity and global hoteliers must redefine their offering. Exclusive services must reflect and meet their guests’ lifestyle needs and reinforce the hotel brand’s point of difference on a practical and emotional level.

Research confirms time and time again what sets a hotel apart from other hotels rooms - in the guests' eyes - is (a) the bed set up (b) the IT and telecoms (c) toiletries.

Hotel groups partnering with luxury retail brands to offer an exceptional amenities program is now the norm.

A recognised brand delivers affirmation of status and enhances an unbranded room environment with a touch of the unique. Retailers absolutely recognise the marketing benefits of forging a ‘win-win’ affiliate partnership. Guests expect ‘freebies’; Hoteliers introducing a retail branded amenity program will positively impact revenues from branded gifts and concierge sales opportunities.

Modern amenity programs should take into consideration fragrance, formulation, lifestyle, ethnicity, and eco-performance. Guests not only expect to find high quality amenities in each hotel (regardless of the location), but also to find something related to the country they’re in.

As competition for customer loyalty intensifies, so does the need to differentiate, firstly from equivalent brands and secondly from other brands in the same group. 

The growth in demand for quality branded amenities is set to continue.

Now is the time for hoteliers to listen to their target audience, for only a small investment the impact on the guest experience is huge.