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History of Pacific Direct

Pacific Direct was founded in 1991 by entrepreneur Lara Morgan, with the aim of targeting the luxury hotel industry with high quality, innovative room accessories. 

A unique strategy was formed, the ‘Brand Boutique’ concept - a collection of luxury retail branded toiletry products made in miniature for hotels - placed Pacific Direct at the cutting edge of the guest amenities industry. Continual evolution of the brand collections within the boutique has been a key focus of the team, to anticipate the demands of the modern luxury traveller.

Today, Pacific Direct is a global company, with customers in over 120 countries, manufacturing and distributing luxury toiletries and guest amenities for hotels, cruise lines and airlines. Leading the field in innovation and expertise has placed Pacific Direct at the heart of the hotel amenities industry. Driven by the enthusiasm and energy of the management team, Pacific Direct has demonstrated consistent dynamic growth.

Proud to be reputed as the world’s leading licensee of global luxury brands for the hospitality market, Pacific Direct continues to strive for excellence through research and innovative brand development. Manufacturing plants in the Far East, Egypt, North America and Czech Republic manufacture your products under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards, exceeding the current quality standards in our industry.

From conception through to delivery, you can expect a consultancy service from experienced industry professionals, working in partnership with you to create an unrivalled in-room and operational product range.

We are committed to providing you with unique and thoughtful products in creative packaging. Our responsive, fun team of consultants are experienced hospitality professionals, and we take meticulous care to deliver our promise.

Pacific Direct has built a reputation for expertise in creating innovative and elegant amenities products to support and complement services to guests throughout their stay; Designed to reflect the true spirit of hospitality, enhancing your hotel image, style and location.

Pacific Direct is the only full concept, global niche provider for the luxury hospitality industry.