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Environmental Policy

We, Pacific Direct, as a manufacturer and supplier of luxury toiletries and accessories to the Hospitality Industry, recognise that the pursuit of economic growth and a healthy environment must be closely linked and are committed to minimising the impact of both our local and global operations on the environment.

We recognize that waste management is a key aspect of our activities and consider our Impact on Environment at all stages of product development, from manufacture through to distribution, use and disposal.  Compliance with existing legislation and other requirements is seen as only the minimum standards that we will adhere to and that staff awareness and motivation is key to achieving this vision.

In order to maintain our focus on these objectives and to ensure continual progress in minimising our environmental impact, Pacific Direct has, with respect to demanding specifics of cosmetic production, established these fundamentals of environmental behaviour in all company activities:

  • To respect and thoroughly comply with requirements of national and international legislation, requirements of customers and public and to ensure their observance through internal documentation and distribution of responsibility to relevant employees.
  • To predict and continuously minimise environmental burden resulting from company activities, especially concerning raw material treatment, technological equipment operation and transportation and traffic efficiency.
  • To prevent from waste generation, while handling waste in accordance with requirements of legislation and permanently seeking reduction of quantities of generated waste and emissions of polluting substances.
  • To inform suppliers and customers about our Environmental Policy and to require observance of environmental code within business relations.
  • To provide employees with continuous education and training and improve their awareness of environmental protection to fully understand, support and promote this Environmental policy.

In 2010 we achieved the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in the European manufacturing site located in the Czech Republic; audited and certified by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance in June, which has reinforced our commitment to continually review, assess and improve our processes in order to prevent pollution and reduce any adverse effects that our undertakings and operations may have on the environment.

Revision Date: March 2011