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Quality Policy

Quality, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Policy

The top management has set the following principles relating to all activities of Pacific Direct, s.r.o. as a part of the ADA Cosmetics International Group:

•    Quality is defined as the fulfilment of all demands and expectations of our customers and observance of applicable laws and regulations, predominantly applicable to occupational safety and environmental protection. This quality can only be generated permanently if systematic exchange of information, focused on the process between all sections of our company, with our customers and competent authorities is guaranteed.

•    We continuously monitor modern trends in the cosmetics industry, use innovative basic and raw materials, manufacture safe products under the conditions of good manufacturing and hygienic practice. We improve our standards and processes in order to be able to meet high expectations and demands of our customers. The awareness of doing the right thing, and simultaneously doing things correctly, must become entrenched in the minds of all our workers. We organize internal and external training for all staff to ensure further development.

•    Workers whose physical and mental integrity represents the fundamental values for Pacific Direct are guaranteed working conditions that respect the dignity of every individual in a safe and healthy working environment. We commit to taking all necessary precautions to prevent accidents and diseases efficiently.

•    We have to protect the environment as essential wealth.
Pacific Direct and its workers pay special attention to saving energy, efficient transportation, adequate consumption of resources, prevention of waste generation, as well as recycling and responsible use and handling of hazardous substances.

•    To do quality work on a daily basis means to follow the assigned guidelines and procedures and to avoid faults. Any faults that occur in spite of all such precautions are systematically recorded and analyzed. We analyze and minimize risks associated with our activities so as not to expose our partners, customers, owners, colleagues and closest neighbours to potential risks. We use all opportunities to improve the outputs of our processes, and to remain a leading reference for top hotel cosmetics internationally.

In this context the company management sets its goals, focused on continuous improvement and enhancement of the performance of our integrated system of quality. 

The company management commits to ensuring resources for the management integrated system and supporting the fulfilment of this integrated policy of quality, environmental protection and occupational safety.
In Holice, 4th May, 2016
Josef Tesařík – General Manager

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